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Core Power Protein – Athletic Potential with Fairlife


Key Highlights:

    • High Protein Content: Packed 26 grams of protein per serving for optimal muscle recovery and growth.
    • Lactose-Free: Ideal for those with lactose sensitivities, offering a digestive-friendly option.
    • Nutrient-Rich: Enhanced with essential nutrients like calcium and vitamins to support overall wellness.

  • Convenient: The ready-to-drink format makes it perfect for on-the-go nutrition; no mixing is required.
  • Quality Ingredients: Made from real dairy, ensuring natural taste and high-quality protein source.
  • Versatile: Suitable for post-workout recovery, meal replacement, or a protein-boosted snack.
  • Active Lifestyle: Designed for athletes, fitness enthusiasts, and anyone needing a quick protein boost.
  • Non-GMO: Made with non-GMO ingredients, ensuring a natural and clean profile.
  • Sustainably Produced: Committed to responsible sourcing and environmentally friendly production practices.

Fairlife Core Power 26g Protein Shakes:

Core Power Protein offers a premium blend of high-quality protein and essential nutrients, making it a top choice for athletes, fitness enthusiasts, and busy individuals. With a whopping 26 grams of protein in each serving, these shakes help you recover faster, build lean muscle, and sustain energy throughout the day. Core Power protein shakes are lactose-free, sourced from real dairy, ensuring they are easily digestible and suitable for those with lactose sensitivities. Whether you’re looking to optimize post-workout recovery, need a convenient meal replacement, or simply want a tasty protein boost, these core power protein shakes offer a delicious and natural way to meet your nutritional needs. Fairlife Core Power protein provides an on-the-go solution that complements any active lifestyle.



Flavor: Chocolate | Size:14 fl oz, 12-Pack If you can get past the amazingly delicious part, you’ll be pleased to know that chocolate milk has been shown to be an effective recovery aid. That’s why Core Power Chocolate High Protein Milk Shakes are a crucial part of every chocolate lover’s workout routine.

Contains 12 – 14 ounce bottles (packaging may vary)
Made from fair life ultra-filtered milk
26 grams high quality complete protein.Contains Milk. Aseptically Pasteurized
5 grams of sugar
170 calories
8 grams of carbohydrates
Gluten free; Low sodium

Specification: Core Power Protein – Athletic Potential with Fairlife


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Core Power Protein – Athletic Potential with Fairlife
Core Power Protein – Athletic Potential with Fairlife


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